I'm a passionate programmer and product developer and have been programming professionally since 2002, I bring expertise in both front-end and back-end development.

The last ten years have seen me successfully execute freelance, open source and enterprise projects. I have been part of cross-functional and cross-cultural teams and have had the opportunity to work with very interesting people, projects and companies.

Staying at the creative edge of technology, I specialize in building massively scalable real-time web apps using innovative technologies including Node.js and Scala.

Enterprise technologies I've worked with are Python, Java and Scala. I've worked with NoSQL databases as well as traditional database technologies. Dipped toes in big data (Hadoop, GridGain) and mobile development (Android) spaces.

I'm the creator of Review19 among other products.

An open source enthusiast and the creator of BrowserDB, Notifier.js, SimpleWebCrawler among others.

Feel free to contact me for consulting, product development and strategy.