"Let's make stuff!" - Sri

Skilled at building blockchain based solutions, cryptocurrencies and Dapps powered by smart contracts running on the Ethereum platform.

Connect with me to conceptualize your blockchain platform, to build proof of concepts, to setup your distributed organization and to lead project execution and delivery.

Experienced in building web and mobile apps, with Python, Node.js, React and React Native.

Hire me to code for you, to setup agile processes, to manage development and delivery cycles and to perform security and performance audits.


Building investments and securities trading platform for ING in Amsterdam
Helping Capital On Stage build and launch an exciting product to disrupt startup fundraising & VCs
Cryptocurrencies, blockchains and dapps + smart contracts on Ethereum
Researched P&ID rendering on SVGs for the Oil & Gas sector with eVision Industry Software in The Hague
Built the salesflow, performed A/B tests and lead the frontend efforts at TravelBird in Amsterdam
Software craftsman for GE Aviation and Xebia in Gurugram
Failed at my second startup attempt
Successful startup in high growth defence & aerospace sector in New Delhi
Successful remote freelance development career
Finished schooling and university in New Delhi

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